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Our Story

Kopi Seru, founded in 2018, is the only Indonesian Coffee Company that supports the livelihoods of local farmers by educating the global coffee consumer about every part of the coffee production process.

By connecting farmers.

By connecting farmers to pickers, roasters to baristas and finally you the consumer, Kopi Seru endeavours to create a world where everyone within the coffee supply chain is treated fairly.

Meet Our Founder, Dave Soepriyadi

“My story begins working as an engineer in Germany where I lived and studied for many years. While I fell in love with the country I never felt passionate about the work I was doing, so in 2011 I left my engineering career and moved back to Indonesia.

Always having had an interest in coffee I became a coffee farmer after moving home. Whilst I had dreams to open my own cafes one day I knew early on that what was most important was creating a solid supply chain which was sustainable and traceable.

It was during my time as a farmer that I bore witness to the injustices Indonesian coffee farmers experience daily. Enraged, I knew this would be my focus going forward and that the coffee world as we knew it needed to change.

With that, Kopi Seru was born. With our mark of exclamation, I set out to create a company that could give a voice to the unheard Indonesian coffee farmers and set right the wrongs of the coffee industry.

My dream now and always will be to see the welfare of Indonesian coffee farmers grow through Kopi Seru

and we will do this by educating coffee drinkers globally about ALL the people involved in the long supply chain of the coffee they drink.“

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