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A Pimp's Life Changed Through Coffee

In previous years, to get 1-2 million rupiah for Mr. Setya (not his real name) was not a difficult problem. In a matter of less than eight hours a night, from his business of renting out rooms and "selling" 12 prostitutes for men who like to 'entertain' their lust, he can earn millions of rupiah from this business.

Pak Setya was originally one of the pimps in a tourist area in West Java. He had been in the job for a long time, even from the age of only stepping on his two heads. Because of his long struggle in the world of prostitution, he is promoted to be the chief of many commercial sex workers in the localization area.

In addition, he is also a facilitator with government agencies. There have been many prostitutes who have successfully participated in skills training at the Social Service so that they can do something prostitution.

“If someone came to me, they were 18-25 years old, I would direct them to the Social Service for school. But that's an old story. Since 2015, he has decided to quit his job that is full of rupiah. Even though it was hard, he had to do it. He didn't want his grandchildren to follow in his footsteps.

This stems from the Syphilis he got from the prostitute he slept with. As a pimp, Pak Setya often tries and trains women who have just joined, besides that he also easily gets free services from his people as well.

Due to the severity of the disease, Mr. Setya became discouraged and decided to start looking for a new, more lawful job. The urge to quit his job also came from his initial encounter with coffee.

With determination, finally Mr. Setya and his family decided to dare to try growing Arabica coffee. This is because it turns out that Mr. Setya can also distinguish that the taste of West Java's typical Arabica coffee has a very good taste and has a higher price than the Robusta type. So far, the coffee plant has been 7 years old, meaning that Mr. Setya has been in the last 7 years since Mr. Setya and his family have depended on this coffee plant for their lives.

Although the amount of income is still far when compared to t his income as a pimp first. Mr. Setya and his family are very grateful for their current situation who can earn money from a lawful way and can be proud of. Even Mr. Setya also invited his former sex commercial workers to join his coffee business now.

Kopi Seru, It was also a turning point in the success of Mr. Setya over the last few years, because Mr. Setya was very grateful to be able to get buyer's assurance of every harvest of his coffee with the certainty of the best and stable price. Mr. Setya was never worried about having trouble selling his crops.

There are many sad stories of other coffee farmers who have to sell their crops at an unfair price and are bought very cheaply with debt bondage which is usually done by middlemen or shark loan giver. This was not experienced by Mr. Setya and his family bcause Kopi Seru is here to break the vicious circle of these middlemen by embracing and fostering farmers from upstream to produce the best yields and ensuring they are bought at an honest and stable price.


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