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Love from Flores to Your Coffee Cup

Mama Tina, a coffee farmer in Manggarai - Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. She was diligently growing coffee until he was successful in reaping the rewards. Despite all his limitations, as a coffee farmer, she can taste the sweet wages of his toil from the bitter taste of the coffee itself.

She owns a coffee field of 1 hectare. The distance between the coffee field and the house is about 2.5 kilometers.

"I have been growing coffee from 2002 until now," said Ibu Tina when met at her farm. She said he started growing coffee starting from 500 stalks. After a few years, the fields were filled with coffee plants.

"Then I continue to follow this coffee plant. Planting starts from digging holes that are 2 meters apart from each hole," said Mama Tina. After that, she then used compost on her coffee plants. For compost, Ibu Tina processes it herself. "So, a coff

ee bar has a hole that is 60 centimeters deep and 60 centimeters wide. Then we continue to add compost," she added.

Mama Tina has a surefire way to pick coffee that is worthy of being picked. She revealed, picking coffee is enough with two fingers. "Plucking two fingers of coffee, so that the others (when picked) are not damaged. That is so that the quality is good too. Two years harvest.

“My income from coffee now is enough to eat and pay for gran

dchildren and a little is set aside for savin," she said. Ibu Tina also does not have to worry about how to ma

rketing her coffee. because she don’t need to make buyers to come again and she only needs to sell it to Kopi Seru now.

At least when Flores coffee beans began to be known and sought after by people like now, Mama Tina and her family could also taste the sweetness of their work as coffee farmers.

Mama Tina also pray for her hard work can make every people who enjoy

Flores coffee beans can feel the love in every cup of coffee they drink.


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