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Love from Flores

Ibu Tina, or we call her Mama Tina is a coffee farmer in Manggarai - Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. Her hard work has paid off, and she is now able to enjoy the fruits of her labor despite facing various obstacles.

Ibu Tina owns a 1-hectare coffee field that is about 2.5 kilometers away from her house.

She has been growing coffee since 2002, starting with 500 stalks and eventually filling the entire field with coffee plants.

Mama Tina describes how she plants her coffee plants by digging holes that are 2 meters apart and adding compost to each hole. She processes the compost herself, using a 60cm deep and 60cm wide hole for each coffee plant.

According to Mama Tina, when picking coffee, it is best to pluck it with two fingers in order to avoid damaging the rest of the plant. This method helps to ensure good quality coffee and can result in a successful harvest for up to two years.

Mama Tina is satisfied with her coffee income, which covers her basic needs and allows her to save a little for the future. She doesn't have to worry about marketing her coffee since she only sells to Kopi Seru and doesn't need to attract new buyers.

It's heartwarming to hear that Mama Tina and her family are able to enjoy the fruits of their labor as coffee farmers, and that they take pride in producing high-quality Flores coffee beans. It's also inspiring to hear that Mama Tina wishes for others to feel the love in every cup of coffee they drink.


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