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Happy Tears from Mr. Tatang

This time, the story of coffee farmers that we have adopted is the story of Mr. Tatang. A simple coffee farmer who cultivates a small piece of land. But thanks to his sincerity and persistence and never stop learning and increasing knowledge about growing coffee, now Mr. Tatang is starting to be able to smile and give thanks and is proud to work as a coffee farmer.

Initially he was just a farmer and coffee collector in the area where he lived in Sumedang - West Java, Indonesia

The story that we want to share is still warm, because it relate to with the opening of our first overseas store. As we know Kopi Seru Perth - Australia opens on August 17, 2021, on the 76th Indonesian Independence Day.

Make long story short, two days after the opening, we through Mr. Alex who is the coordinator of our farmers got a call from Mr. Tatang. On the phone, Mr. Tatang burst into tears saying how touched he was and very grateful for his dream come true through Kopi Seru. All this time he had always dreamed of being able to sell coffee beans from his garden abroad.

He said that to make his dreams come true, Mr. Tatang had tried to send hundreds of samples which if he counted 120 kg of coffee beans samples he had sent to coffee collectors or exporters so far, but all to no avail.

When he got the news that Kopi Seru had opened in Australia, he immediately bowed his head in gratitude and immediately contacted us to convey his feelings of happiness.

Mr. Tatang feels that all his efforts and endeavors have not been in vain. He felt that God had answered his prayers for years through Kopi Seru.

This story is certainly an encouragement and confirmation for us at Kopi Seru to continue to bring the stories of our coffee farmers around the world and not just the coffee because it is through them that we can enjoy Indonesia's extraordinary coffee heritage.


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