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Anton’s Encounter with Coffee Saves His Life

In 2010 Anton was imprisoned for drug cases. He is involved in an international drug network operating in the golden triangle of Southeast Asia. Become the largest cartel courier whose distribution center is in Bali. Prison could not stop young Anton from doing this immoral business. With the abundant wealth that he managed to collect, he easily escaped the snares of the law when he was first caught in Bali.

In his dark days, Anton did the craziest thing, which was to bring 100kg of heroin from Jakarta to Bali. There is no fear, Anton is getting further and further sucked in this vicious circle of the drug business. He became the most wanted person by the Indonesian police at that time, but always managed to escape. It doesn't feel like 5 years Anton has been there and has no intention of stopping at all.

But the fateful day came for him. Anton was arrested again when he was a messenger in Bandung. This time the situation was different. In addition, most of the money has been used to escape prison in Bali. Anton's money also no longer exists because Anton has also become a drug addict and a lot of money is spent there, this time he couldn't do much when he was thrown into the cold prison cell for 1 year and 9 months.

Anton came out of prison empty-handed, having nothing left. Because there is no purpose anymore. After being released from prison, Anton decided to return to Bali. Because he had given up living in prison, Anton looked for work in other fields and did not violate the law anymore.

Finally he was accepted to work in one of the biggest discotheques in Bali and became the confidant of his foreign boss. Long story short, his boss died suddenly and Anton had to lose his job and Anton had to start from zero again.

This is where Anton's anxiety in Bali begins. Having to work from the bottom again with a very small income must be lived. Anton works in a small hotel in Bali. Anton's financial condition is far different now. However, this is precisely where Anton's encounter with coffee began that would change his life later.

In Bali was the beginning of his destruction, but in that place also became the beginning of his turning point to become a restored person through his introduction to the coffee business.

It started when Anton got an assignment to take tourists from abroad to see coffee plantations in the Kintamani area. Initially Anton carried out his duties as a driver as well as a tour guide as usual. Until Anton found out that the guests he was delivering along with his entourage were great people in the world coffee industry.

The guest who was brought by Anton turned out to be the 2015 WBC (World Barista Championship) Winner Sasa Sestic from Australia. This encounter made Anton fall in love for the first time with coffee, especially with the produce of coffee farmers in Bali. Through talks that were initially just for service to guests, Anton became more and more curious about the coffee business from its upstream.

God answered Anton's good intentions by bringing him first to someone who would invest in him and employ him in the coffee business. Starting from looking for land and hiring native Balinese farmers to manage coffee plantations and market them.

It was in coffee that Anton seemed to be reborn. The dark past no longer haunts him. Through coffee there is new hope for Anton. Living with coffee farmers directly on the plantation also teaches Anton about real life. To achieve true success, you must go through struggle. The tenacity of the coffee farmers taught Anton not to expect to get everything through instant shortcuts.

Currently, Anton is known as a coffee collector with a speciality beans like Yellow Bourbon coffee. Even several times he managed to export it abroad. Anton and his fostered farmers are also one of the regular suppliers of coffee beans for KOPI SERU.


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