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A Bachelor of Laws Who Prefer to be a Coffee Farmer

A cold morning, as far as the eye can see the expanse of coffee plantation covered in a thin fog of the Kintamani mountains, in the village of Kintamani, Bangli, Bali

Mr. Made stared at the emotions mixed with happiness and gratitude towards his lush coffee plantation with ripe fruit ready to be picked and in between the coffee gardens, there are also several other productive plants such as orange, bananas, corn, chilies and peanuts.

Mr. Made himself, although he grew up in a family that has been growing coffee plants for a long time, young Mr. Made still received higher education in law and completed his studies with a Bachelor of Laws degree.

However, his love for coffee still made him return to working on his family's coffee plantation even though he had finished his studies

Around 1986, when many coffee farmers felt bored and began to replace their crops with the growing Kintamani orange tree but Mr. Made remains loyal to his coffee plants. Because he has a very broad mindset, he is smart in finding and updating information about coffee. So he decided to plant coffee as an intercropping plant on the sidelines of his orange garden.

Apart from coffee, he also cultivates other productive crops such as chilies, bananas, corn and beans as intercropping crops.

It's not easy to stay true to something. He received scorn from several other farmers because Pak Made was still loyal to grow coffee which was considered to have less economic value.

But with strong determination and conviction, Mr. Made is now reaping the rewards of his hard work. He is no longer confused about how to market it. Even the coffee has been ordered when the harvest has not yet arrived.

Hopefully in the future, the government can pay more attention to coffee farmers in Kintamani, so that more and more farmers will feel the success that Mr. Made feels , because the quality of Kintamani coffee is not inferior to other famous regional coffees.

And hopefully Pak Made hopes that in the future Kintamani coffee will become one of the best coffees in Indonesia and even the world and be able to elevate the degree of coffee farmers and be able to prosper Kintamani coffee farmers. Those are the life lessons we can learn from the story of Mr. Made and his family.


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