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A Little Coffee Farmer's Dream

This time we will share a simple story but make our day more excited to do what we have done for the coffee farmers that Kopi Seru support.

This story was told by Mr. Alex when he was sitting casually talking with our photographer in one of our fostered villages in Garut, West Java, Indonesia.

There was a group of small children who looked excited to bring coffee plant seeds walk closer to them, from their faces they looked so enthusiastic.

After arriving in front of them, one of the children spoke to Mr. Alex loudly

He just said briefly, "I planted this coffee in plastic bag and I will plant it in my home garden soon.. so that when I grow up .. I can keep picking the fruits everyday and make a big money from coffee"

Suddenly Mr. Alex was amazed by this child's words, which clearly stated that he had a dream to become a coffee farmer like his parents. Obviously not the ideals of a favorite profession for young children.

This is a piece of the amazing story from our coffee farmer's life who cultivate our coffee plantation in the village. It turns out that behind their simple life they can see the future from coffee.

This clearly arises in the mind of a little child because he sees the changes in his parents lives as coffee farmers, so he hopes that when he grows up he can also become a coffee farmer.


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