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Real Testimony

From Our Coffee Drinkers

Katon Bagaskara.jpg

Katon Bagaskara

Indonesian Famous Singer

Coffee Enthusiast

I finally got the chance to taste Arabica coffee beans from Kopi Seru. Obviously this coffee bean choice is not only delicious but also healthy. One impression when I enjoy it is the feeling of joy that clearly arises from the uniqueness of this coffee bean originating from West Java. You can try it yourself of course.

Santy Hardi Saputra

Indonesian Coffee Reviewer


This is a place where the main concern is not only the coffee beans, but coffee farmers are also appreciated by displaying photos and profiles of farmers in every coffee we drink. And what's cool is that all the coffee comes from Indonesia! Yesterday we tried the ice latte and Japanese brewed with Bali beans brewed by a female barista, both of whom had the same great looking and taste. And don't worry for those who don't have a lot of caffeinated coffee, they also have very good low-caffeine coffee.

Darren woon.jpg

Darren Woon

2020 Golden Bean Champion

Blacklist Coffee Roasters


I've known about Kopi Seru in Indonesia for a long time because the owner is my best guy. Dave is one of the coffee people with high knowledge and his heart is undoubtedly for coffee farmers in Indonesia. No wonder his coffee products produced are also of the quality that can be brought out of Indonesia. Welcome to Australia Kopi Seru ! You gotta come and check Kopi Seru such of amazing stories of the farmers.

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