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Your Next Favorite Beer
It's Not a Beer

100% Coffee + 100% Beer

4,5% ALC/VOL

Clearly not just espresso mixed with beer !

This is a new mutant, the real Coffee Beer. For a beer lovers it's like a crafted beer with taste Hoppy with Tobacco aroma and Chocolate aftertaste

When all the goodness of coffee mixes with the true taste of beer. This fact will bring a new understanding that the next favorite beer is not a beer

When two of the best relics of this civilization are combined in one new flavor, it's the same as giving birth to a new mutant

"It's not just coffee mixed with beer, but we brew them together in the best timeframe to produce a new mutant.” Dave Julian Soepriyadi says as a founder of KOPI SERU

Why Coffee Beer? It's all about how our coffee farmers can produce and selling more and this is the most creative way at this pandemic time



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