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From People To People :
How It Works

Our Supply Chain









Kopi Seru, founded in 2018, is the only Indonesian Coffee Company that supports the livelihoods of local farmers by educating the global coffee consumer about every part of the coffee production process. By connecting farmers to pickers, roasters to baristas

and finally you the consumer, Kopi Seru endeavours to create a world

where everyone within the coffee supply chain is treated fairly.


Our Mission

Creating a New Legacy for Indonesian Coffee Farmers

Kopi Seru translates to “Coffee Excitement”. Not only does it embody the excitement felt by coffee drinkers when tasting Indonesian coffee but also represents us shouting out against the injustice against Indonesian coffee farmers in the hopes of creating a new legacy for Indonesian farmers.




KOPI SERU Summerhills

Located in Bandung, Indonesia, Kopi Seru Summerhills is the perfect place for a short staycation. With spectacular views and resort facilities Summerhills is family friendly and a great location for your next gathering. You can also experience the Floating Breakfast sensation here.

📍 Setrasari Raya 10,

Bandung - Indonesia



Enjoy the beautiful surrounds while sipping a delicious coffee on one of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia, Novena Beach. In partnership with the Manado City’s local government this cafe is also unique in that it provides a second chance for local ex-convicts. Not only do we train them in barista skills but we also welcome them into the Kopi Seru team.

📍  Novena Beach,

Manado - Indonesia


KOPI SERU for a Better Life

Modern-day Indonesia was one of the first countries in the world to start growing coffee commercially—before much of Africa, Asia, and before the Americas. 

But Indonesian coffee has a 400-year history that is, unfortunately, one of brutal colonialism, disease, and struggle.

However, despite a dark era of history, coffee is still an integral part of Indonesian life. When the Dutch, and after WWII the Japanese, finally left Indonesia, native governors divided the plantations among the labourers. 

To this day, over 90% of coffee produced across the Indonesian islands is grown by small family farms. For these farmers coffee are not just a caffeine hit, but their livelihood.

This is the background of this story that brought Mr. Alex's encounter with Kopi Seru. A beginning of a long journey that changed his life as a coffee farmer for better.


As a marginal coffee farmer in Indonesia, which is full of injustice and fraud, young Alex found something different and brought new hope when he first met Dave, the founder of Kopi Seru, in an intense opportunity to share life stories and visions for coffee farmers in Indonesia.

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